Friday, February 2, 2018

Thank you for stopping to visit Salem United Church of Christ’s website! Here is a taste of what this congregation is thinking about in February.
We suppose some question like that brings you to our website. Your Internet search of churches grows out of a life situation that has you asking, “Is there any word from God for me?” We at Salem believe that there is. We do not pretend to have all the answers and we do not presume to dictate what the answer is for you. But we are ready to listen to your questions with compassion, witness to what we hold to be true, and walk with you as together we look to God in whom hope, courage, acceptance, and lasting friendship are found. We welcome you to be part of this life together under God.
A representative from the Badger Prairie Needs Network will be at Salem at 7 PM on February 5 to share with us about some of the programs of the Needs Network, especially the Food Pantry, and help us know more about volunteer opportunities. Coffee and dessert will be provided. Salem is proud of how the Food Pantry has grown, for, while it is no longer an entity of our congregation, the Verona Food Pantry began at Salem way back in the 1980s.
We Christians in this branch of the church divide the year into various and distinct seasons, each of which draws upon a particular aspect of the life of Jesus. The several weeks that precede Easter Sunday (this year April 1) are named the Season of Lent. It begins on February 14. We will be holding simple worship services each Wednesday night at 7 PM during the Season of Lent. The themes for these nights will address, in turn, the importance of prayer, the beauty of companionship, the power of solitude, and other topics suggested by events that happened the night before Jesus died upon a cross. All are welcome at these services. 
Beginning on February 18, and carrying through April 1, our Pastor will preach a set of sermons on Sunday mornings using brief biographies of New Testament personalities to help explain just what is on offer from Jesus Christ to people today. The emphasis will not be on the Bible biography so much as upon contemporary heart needs of men and women now alive. The hope is you will see yourself in the Bible personality and, better still, come face to face with the same Jesus who met that person’s need and who is ready to meet yours. Our worship services are pertinent, positive, and not full of heavy-handed judgment. They are easy to follow and traditional without being stuffy. You are welcome at them all, and we hope you can attend.

Salem is having some remodeling work done in the church kitchen. This work will be happening during the months of February and March. It’ll cramp the style of our food-related hospitality some but we hope to continue to do what we can. Though this work will disrupt the church kitchen, it will not impede access to the church building, the sanctuary, offices, or Christian education spaces.