Tuesday, June 20, 2017

Children ages 3 through grade 5 are welcome. There will be an adult class to lead by Laura Kolden.  Dinner (which is optional) will be at 5:15 p.m. and program will be from 6-8 p.m. Child care will be provided. A registration form is located on the Christian Education page (found under Programs).


These are pictures that have been received from Laura during their journey on the mission trip.  Check back as more pictures will be posted as they are received every day from Laura.  They are also posted on our Facebook pages.

Saturday: What an amazing journey we have had and what an incredible group of young people! They are hardworking, persevering, always positive, and compassionate. Salem, you can be incredibly proud of these young people, and the way they grown, opened their hearts to one another and the Alamosa community and lived out their faith. Today we begin the long journey home with full and thankful hearts, tired but still smiling!

Friday: Our last day at La Puente! We spent it hiking with PALS at Big Meadow Reservoir in the beautiful Rio Grande National Forest to the west of Alamosa. Beautiful scenery and a big hike for our buddies! The day ended with our last dinner at La Puente. It was very hard to say goodbye to our PALS and all the wonderful people who are part of the La Puente community. We have been deeply privileged and richly blessed by the people who have shared their stories and warmly welcomed us into community. Tears abound as we say farewell, with prayers that God will keep us all in love and care until we meet again.

Thursday: Today was Valley Day, a free day to explore the area. Some fabulous sand boarding and hiking to the highest peaks of Great Sand Dunes National Park! We were honored by the hospitality of Geneva Duarte, a long time staff/volunteer at La Puente. Geneva opened her home and her heart to us, and prepared out-of-this world Navajo tacos for us. We shared our prayers of thanks by passing A blessing cup, and left with full hearts and new friendship.

Wednesday was an all around great day! We kicked off the morning with our own breakfast burritos prepared by Matthew, Israel, and Avery! A hardworking productive day from 9  am - 6 pm in small groups on various projects: packing food boxes at the county food distribution center; delivering wood to people living off the grid in the remote areas of the valley, called the flats; weeding and harvesting in the community garden;  stocking and sorting at Rainbow's End thrift store; and cooking a delicious lunch and dinner (creative chefs, we have!) for the community meal at the la puente shelter. Our sore muscles found relief at the hot springs swimming pool and an evening of relaxing water fun!


Tuesday: We spent the day having fun with our buddies at PALS - Positive Activities Lift Spirits, a day program for at-risk children run by La Puente. That evening we drove to San Luis to hike the Station of the Cross - breathtaking views of the mountains at sunset and our closing worship in the chapel on the hilltop.
**please note: Due to the lack of access to the internet where they are at, journals won't be posted until they come back .

Monday: These pictures were taken when they were helping work on some flats and assisting in a shelter kitchen.

These pictures were taken on weekend as the group made their way out to where they will be staying for the week.