Welcome to Salem!

Tuesday, May 29, 2018

Thank you for visiting!  This is Salem's old website.
Please visit our new website at www.salemchurchverona.org

We are an open and affirming congregation, and our mission is to witness to the word and work of Jesus so all people may know the welcome of God, worship with joy, grow as disciples, live as servants, and enjoy the strength of Christian fellowship. We value being faithful to God, relevant to today, open to all, and striving to improve. Here is a little taste of what will be happening here this fall.


Sunday School classes for all ages starts at 9 AM on Sundays. 


We worship at 10:15 on Sunday mornings. Prior to Advent, the pastor prepared and gave a set of sermons that drew upon the Gospel According to Matthew and helped us to think about Christian life in terms of today.


Salem has several choirs, including our Chancel Choir, Barry Robinson Chorus, and Bell Choir. New singers and ringers are always welcome. Check the calendar page on the website to find rehearsal times for each group. Chancel Choir is an adult choir of men and women; the Barry Robinson Chorus is a men’s choir. The Bell Choir currently includes adults and high school students.


Don’t be shocked. We are talking about money in and around the congregation these days because are beginning to think about our church program for 2019. We are not wrangling people for cash, but we do believe we have some exciting ministries happening that people will want to support. Because we believe in this programing and this work, we ask for support unashamedly, and draw upon the biblical teaching that God loves the cheerful giver. Our financial drive this year is going by the name GLAD PRAISES!


New members are received into our church at various times, depending upon the schedules of interested persons and the church. You are invited to think about becoming a member of Salem. How do you go about that? Worship with us frequently, dive into our program and activities that are of interest, and get to know the flavor and personality of the church. Pray, asking if Salem is a right fit for you as a spiritual home. Then speak with the pastor to express your interest.