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Wednesday, August 26, 2015

Christian Education at Salem United Church of Christ

A NEW CURRICULUM for Pre-K through 8th grade
Just as a careful farmer rotates crops from year to year to keep the fields fresh and fertile, so a church takes care to change from time to time the materials it uses in its Sunday School. After several years with the lectionary-based Seasons of the Spirit curriculum, Salem's Board of Christian Education has selected for our use a curriculum called Witness.
Witness draws upon some of the main Bible stories, from both the Old and New Testaments, to help learners connect in age-appropriate ways with the truth and reality of God today. It invites participants to discover the biblical story, to follow Jesus in faith-filled daily living and service, and to grow in their identity as Christians and people in and of the church. Every lesson will help learners apply Bible stories to their own lives, and guide them in living the story as people of faith today.
Some of the individual topics - or "Faith Traits" - Witness will help us explore this year are Compassion, Thankfulness, Peace, Respect, Generosity, Patience, and Wisdom. Connected to each "Faith Trait" is a "Big Idea," drawn from the Bible, which interprets how God is with us each day to help us discover, believe, live, and serve as people of God who put "Faith Traits" into real practice.
A NEW FORMAT for Pre-K through 5th grade
Our Sunday School hour will take a new shape this year.
  • We will start with Opening Worship which will include the Lord's Prayer, music, and the Bible story for the day.
  • Pre-school and elementary-age children will break into two groups, The Prophets and The Apostles. Each group will engage the Bible story and theme with activities and discussion to help make the story come alive and apply it to today.
  • The Sunday School hour will end with Closing Worship bringing everyone back together.
  • Parents are welcome to accompany their child through the hour or attend the adult Sunday School class.
A NEW SEASON for 9th grade through adult
Our active high school class and the equally active adult class will not be using the Witness curriculum. Both of these classes will continue to explore scripture and its use in light of contemporary life, current questions, and living issues.
A NEW BEGINNING for Everyone
Kick-off Sunday - - September 13 - - 9 A.M.
Potluck Breakfast for All
Bring a dish or two to share - - milk, juice, and coffee provided
A tour of our Sunday School space will follow